Privacy Statement

Skidmore & Co. CGA believes that protecting your privacy is important. Our policies have been designed to meet your needs and as well, they conform to The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act which is Federal legislation that is now (effective January 1, 2004) applicable to all organizations in Canada unless exempted under the statute.


Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act is to provide Canadians with a right of privacy with respect to their personal information that is collected, used or disclosed by an organization in the private sector in an era in which technology increasingly facilitates the collection and free flow of information.

Legislation will apply to all personal information collected, used, or disclosed in the course of commercial activities, so that all Canadians, no matter where they live, will be assured of privacy protection. Where and whenever a province adopts legislation that is substantially similar, the organizations, and classes of organizations or activities, covered will be exempted from the application of federal law.