Small Business Financial Statements

A skilled small business accountant is uniquely positioned to offer insightful advice to small business owners. Through the knowledge we gain working with you preparing your year-end financial statements, we will help you better understand your small business and help you make informed decision. The “Action Items” included in your year-end package keep you informed of business issues requiring urgent attention. The accounting engagement starts with determining the type of engagement most appropriate for your business: Audit, Review or Notice to Reader. At Skidmore & Co CGA we prepare financial statements on a Review or Notice to Reader basis.

Notice to Reader

A Notice To Reader is often required by owner-managed small businesses where the financial statements are not required for decision making purposes. This type of engagement presents in financial statement format the information supplied by you. No attempt is made to verify the accuracy or completeness of the information and no expression of assurance is made.

Contact us to determine the type of engagement most appropriate for your small business.