burnabyBurnaby based small businesses in need of professional CGA and accounting services should consider our firm to help them with filing taxes, preparing financial statements, and other services.

One of our specialties is providing consulting and personal advisory services to help small business owners deal with unusual or complex challenges that affect their business and financials. This service plays an important role in particular cases that may be unique or infrequent in business operations. This can include audits by the government, expansion of your business, investment planning and other situations that require specific attention. As professional accountants, we see cases like this on a day to day base. We have the experience, knowledge and training to step into complex situations and work out an effective strategy that will best benefit you. Your business is not only responsible for your income, but also the income of your employees. Ensuring that your financial decisions and taxes are handled correctly with guarantee the health of that business.

Contact us today if you need help with you small business accounting, financial statements or taxes.